Family Health & Fitness Day:

Prioritizing Wellness Together

Let’s celebrate Family Health & Fitness Day. Roots Health DPC, is committed to promoting prevention and wellness within our community. We believe that engaging in regular physical activity and making healthy lifestyle choices are essential components of overall well-being. Instilling these values in the next generation… by participating together… can have enormous impact.

Discover the benefits of healthy lifestyle choices.

Looking for some ideas to kickstart your family’s journey to better health?

1. Get creative: build an obstacle course in your backyard, host a water balloon fight, pull out the slip-and-slide. Ask others to join in on the fun for some healthy competition to engage in teamwork and physical activity.

2. Take a walk in the forest: Enjoy the outdoors while getting some exercise by taking a walk at your nearest trails. Incorporate physical activity into your day while spending quality time together as a family.

3. Find a fun activity: Engage in seasonal activities like going to a pool or water park, visiting the lakefront, spending time outside. Enjoy and provide opportunities for physical movement and bonding.

4. Sign up for a 5K or fun run: Participating in a 5K is a great way to encourage physical fitness within the family and foster a sense of accomplishment for everyone involved.

5. Go on a bike ride: Explore your neighborhood or nearby bike paths on a family bike ride. Biking is a fantastic low-impact exercise that can be enjoyed by all ages and fitness levels.

6. Contact your health club: Many health clubs and gyms host special events for Family Health & Fitness Day. These events offer an opportunity for families to try out new activities and connect with others in the community.

Wellness and prevention is how we roll.

We think of Family Health & Fitness Day as the beginning of a family commitment to stay more active year round. In addition to regular visits with your doctor and a balanced diet, staying active together is the best way to ensure the health and well-being of your family for years to come.
Let’s prioritize wellness, together!