June 8th: World Brain Tumor Awareness Day. This day carries a personal significance, as I remember our loss and my mother-in-law, Sally, who developed glioblastoma which ultimately took her life.

Without medical training, most would likely not recognize the significance of early subtle neurological symptoms. In fact, when symptoms of slightly worsening memory or inability to recall words quickly or even just “not acting like Mom does” develop…. it is time to seek expert medical advice. We were grateful to have treatment options and time with Sally after her diagnosis.

When it comes to your health you will have no better advocate than a Direct Primary Care Physician. We serve as your trusted ally In the world of healthcare: providing convenient, high-quality care as if you have a “doctor in your family.” This becomes especially important when navigating complex conditions like brain tumors. With a personalized approach to healthcare that prioritizes the patient-provider relationship you truly have a trusted ally in your healthcare journey, providing support, guidance, and peace of mind whenever you need it.

Roots Health DPC: spreading awareness, advocating for accessible care, and supporting research efforts.

Making a Difference: On World Brain Tumor Awareness Day, let’s honor the memory of loved ones like Sally and support those currently facing this challenge. By spreading awareness, advocating for accessible care for all, and supporting research efforts… we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of many.

Let us be your trusted ally in navigating health and wellness.