Learn how Roots Health DPC can help you save on medical costs.


We have negotiated greatly discounted cash prices from select vendors. You can always use your insurance if it is more cost-effective. Our members save 70% over standard pricing. Prices are always provided upfront. Examples include:
All X-rays = $60
Ultrasound = $145-400
CT Scan = $150-500
MRI = $295-600


In-house labs/tests are included at no charge to members including basic urine tests and strep tests. Labs and tests not included in the membership fee are provided at close to wholesale prices. Pricing is always provided upfront. Examples include:

Lab Lab Code Our Price Retail Price
Kidney and Liver function CMP $4.75 $52.00
Kidney function BMP $3.75 $40.00
Thyroid Test TSH $5.75 $65.00
Cholesterol Lipids $3.50 $62.50
Blood count CBC $3.00 $34.00
Diabetes Monitoring HbA1C $6.25 $75.00
Syphillis test RPR $5.00 $35.00


Procedures performed and included in membership. Patient will pay for the wholesale cost of supplies/sterilization. When there is a supply or laboratory analysis cost associated with a procedure you will be informed in advance.


We dispense many regularly prescribed drugs at highly discounted rates. Here are some examples:

Medication Quantity Our Price Retail Price
Omeprazole 40mg 30 tabs $5.50 $67.99
Lovastatin 40mg 90 tabs $15.00 $138.99
Sumatriptan Succinate 50mg

9 tabs

$9.50 $236.26
Amlodipine 5mg 30 tabs $3.00 $47.99
Wellbutrin 100 90 tabs $15.00 $123.37
Fluticasone propionate 50mcg 1 bottle $6.50 $49.99