What Your Open Enrollment is Missing!

Year after year, we pay more for our health insurance and receive less. Frustrated and overwhelmed trying to obtain the care needed and getting it covered by insurance… many have resigned themselves to the status quo. But we all deserve better. With open enrollment around the corner… now you have another choice.

Can you imagine if getting the care you needed was as easy as sending a text message to your doctor? What if you had an advocate to help you navigate and ensure your well-being was the top priority. We are putting the care back into healthcare and giving you all the power to make choices that will benefit your health and well-being. It’s time to get what you are paying for.


At Roots Health DPC, we help patients plan ahead, calculate projected yearly expenses, and choose an option that will save on out-of-pocket insurance costs while providing higher quality personalized care.


Direct Primary Care eliminates the hassle of traditional insurance-based care. With a low monthly fee, you gain direct access to the vast majority of your health care services. Enjoy more time with your physician, same-day and next-day appointments. No copays or hidden fees. Work directly with your DPC physician to obtain tremendous savings on all medications, labs, and imaging.

This year during open enrollment, let’s look at ALL your options.

Choose the best plan to meet your healthcare needs:
It’s your money.
It’s your healthcare.
It’s your choice.

Obtain the health care you deserve.

Don’t miss your opportunity this time around. Join the Roots Health DPC family today!