Self Care is not Selfish

We all lead full lives, but are we really “too busy” to prioritize ourselves first? It can be hard to prioritize our own well-being when we have so many other seemingly “more important” obligations. Sometimes, it feels like there is “not enough time” to get it all done and some of us might just choose to skip the self-care piece. I have been in your shoes and had that thought… “I am just too busy.”

What if there was plenty of time? What would that feel like? What if you were able to focus your attention and spend time on the things that brought you joy intentionally? What if you did not just complete an endless “to do” task list but instead found meaning and purpose in all the activities of your day?

I understand how balancing parenting, work, and our own growth can seem impossible and leave you feeling like you cannot do a great job in one area without compromising other areas.

We all have unique circumstances and challenges that serve as a catalyst for our own personal growth and evolution ….and we do learn from those experiences… but WHAT we learn is what allows us to move forward in the direction of our dreams. The brain is an awesome organ… it is extremely malleable, teachable, and trainable. Questioning our thoughts and beliefs about what is “true” grants us the ability to adopt new habits that help us grow and thrive rather than merely survive.

Are you seeking healthcare that prioritizes an unhurried approach, offers comprehensive services, and ensures convenience?

“When my thinking changed, my life changed.”

When I look at my “to do list” today, I view it as something I “get to do” instead of something “I have to do.” I prioritize time for self-care and I become a more focused and productive participant in my own life. TIME is our most valuable resource. When we know exactly how we want to spend it, we can live a life filled with meaning and purpose.

Self-care is the foundation for success in all the areas of your life. Filling your own cup first so that you can serve others is not selfish…. it is necessary.

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