Unlocking the Hidden Danger: Radon Awareness Week

Did you know that anyone can be at risk of lung cancer due to prolonged exposure to radon? This odorless, invisible, and radioactive gas can accumulate in homes and buildings, posing a serious health threat. As we observe #RadonAwarenessWeek, it’s crucial to understand the impact and take steps to protect yourself.

Key Facts:

1. Radon claims over 21,000 lives annually, making it the second leading cause of lung cancer.

2. Shockingly, 1 in 15 homes in the United States harbors high radon levels.

3. The combined effects of radon and smoking are synergistic, heightening the risk of lung cancer.

Uncover the hidden danger and

dive into the facts and take steps to protect yourself.

Radon, a natural gas in outdoor air, seeps into homes, regardless of their age, construction, or location. Even if you have a basement or a well-sealed home, radon can build up. There’s no safe level of radon, so strive for the lowest possible exposure.

During #RadonAwarenessWeek, take action:

1. Test your home to determine if a radon reduction system is needed.

2. The EPA recommends installing a radon reduction system for levels higher than 4pCi/L.

Radon is the leading environmental cause of cancer in the U.S., but its deadly impact is preventable. By raising awareness and encouraging action to reduce radon levels in homes, buildings, and schools, we can save lives. Spread the word this #RadonAwarenessWeek and take a vital step towards a healthier future.