Why Your Blood Pressure Matters

Blood pressure is critical to our overall health as it effects all the organs of our body. When we leave high blood pressure unchecked… it can lead to stroke, heart disease, and kidney disease to name a few. Avoiding these complications from high blood pressure is simple once we understand what it is and how to manage it.

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What Numbers Are Too High?

Blood pressure measures the pressure in your arteries when your heart is contracting and pumping (systolic) and the measurement when your heart is relaxed and filling (diastolic). An optimal reading is less than 140/90 mmHg and sometimes lower if you have other conditions.


What Causes High Blood Pressure Readings?

Blood pressure can fluctuate based on several factors including: diet, stress, sleep, lifestyle, and exercise. It can also be affected by underlying medical conditions that you may not even know you have (kidney disease, hormonal imbalances, and heart/lung conditions to name a few). The key is to check your blood pressure and not ignore a high reading.

Talk to your physician to determine the best strategy to avoid high blood pressure.