Gun Violence – A Public Health Crisis

Sadly, firearms are the leading cause of death in children in the United States. These deaths are completely preventable and occur at a rate more than 5x higher than drownings.

June is National Gun Violence Awareness Month.


As with any health-related problem, prevention through education is a critical component. Did you know that firearms are present in 1/3 of households with children?

  • The best way to keep children safe is NOT to have a gun in the home.
  • If it is necessary to keep a gun in the home, safe storage is critical. Guns should be kept unloaded and ammunition should be stored separately. Both should be locked and inaccessible.
  • Parents should speak to caregivers in homes where young children are visiting/playing about guns in caregivers’ homes.
  • Talk to older kids about guns and safety.

At Roots Health DPC, we know that safety is part of health and well-being. We are rebuilding health care and are working toward whole community wellness.

9 Critical Warning Signs of Violence

In almost every documented case of active shooters, there were warning signs. In 4 out of 5 school shootings at least one other person had knowledge of attackers plan but failed to report it.

  1. Suddenly withdrawing from friends, family and activities (including online or via social media)
  2. Bullying, especially if targeted towards differences in race, religion, gender or sexual orientation
  3. Excessive irritability, lack of patience, or becoming angry quickly
  4. Experiencing chronic loneliness or social isolation
  5. Expressing persistent thoughts of harming themselves or someone else
  6. Making direct threats toward a place, another person, or themselves
  7. Bragging about access to guns or weapons
  8. Recruiting accomplices or audiences for an attack
  9. Directly expressing a threat as a plan

Reporting warning signs of violence is critical to decreasing the risk of gun violence in our community.

Advocacy to protect children from gun-violence must take place at a national level to have meaningful impact. Basic measure such as stopping assault weapon sales and advocating for high-capacity magazine limits, alongside ammunition regulation, required background checks, and increasing gun manufacturer liability will be critical.

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