June is Headache and Migraine Awareness Month.
Did you even know that was a thing?

There are many reasons people get headaches and most of us have had a headache at some point.

Today we review the most common causes as well as what the most concerning warning signs are and when you should seek immediate care.

Headaches can be due to allergies, caffeine withdrawal and even a life-threatening aneurysm.

Typical headaches are tension-type headaches and migraines.

Tension-Type headaches

Tension-Type headaches are most common and are often caused by the following 3 things:

excessive caffeine intake

alcohol intake

vision problems


We discuss Migraines in great detail in our June edition of
“Monthly Health Tips”

Migraines can be debilitating.
We look at symptoms, preventions, and treatments.

It is important to know that headaches

can sometimes be a sign of a life-threatening emergency.

The following signs are reasons to seek care immediately:

You are having your worst headache ever
You have loss of consciousness
You have uncontrollable vomiting
Your headache is worst upon waking
You have loss of vision