YOUR TIME is the most valuable resource you have. Give yourself the gift of TIME.
You work hard to balance time between your career and your family. When one of your own has a health concern that “pops up” or just needs to be scheduled …. trying to figure out the how, where, and when to get the issue addressed can literally take hours, and even days, from your routine.
I get it. I’m a working mom and I know what it is like to balance work and family, to “carry” the mental load, and then…. to put “one more thing” on your plate. My job is to take that stress off your plate.
“My son has a sore throat and fever…. I have placed a call to his doctor’s office and am waiting for a call back….”
When you have medical concerns, the last thing you need is to pile on more stress. Let me help! My patients reach out to me, their physician, directly via text at any time of day. They get answers to the questions they have about their health immediately and can take the next steps and get back to their busy lives.

We also offer telemedicine so you can get care wherever you are.

“My daughter cut open her foot. Do I take her to urgent care or ER and wait to be seen?”
I don’t know anyone who has time to wait around for a return call from the doctor’s office or wait into a waiting room. We take care of this for you…. without the wait!
“I am experiencing a constant feeling of being tired… but I just put off going to see the doctor because it is so hard to get an appointment and the visit takes up half my day.”
Let us make going to the doctor as easy as booking a time that works perfectly for your schedule and then coming in to be seen. We don’t have a “waiting room.”

THIS IS NOT too good to be true!

See for yourself how Direct Primary Care works… and get all your questions answered